1.            General provisions.

1.1          These Terms and Conditions for the Purchase and Sale of Goods (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") are a legal instrument binding on the Parties, which determines the rights, duties and responsibilities of the Buyer and the Seller upon the purchase of the goods by the Buyer in the online store.

1.2          The Seller reserves the right to change, amend or supplement the rules at any time, subject to legal requirements. The buyer is informed on the store's website. The Buyer applies the Rules applicable at the time of placing the order.

1.3          Buying in a store is entitled:

1.3.1      natural persons, i.e. persons who have reached the age of majority and whose capacity is not restricted by court order;

1.3.2      minors between the ages of 14 and 18, only with the consent of their parents or guardians, unless they have their own income at their disposal;

1.3.3      legal entities;

1.3.4      authorized representatives of all the above persons.

1.4          The Seller, by approving the Rules, also warrants that, in accordance with Article 1.3. , the Buyer has the right to purchase the goods in the store.

1.5          The Agreement between the Buyer and the Seller shall be deemed concluded from the moment when the Buyer has formed a shopping cart in the shop, indicating the delivery address, selecting the payment method and having familiarized himself with the Seller's rules, click on the "Confirm Order" button (see item 5 "Ordering goods, prices, settlement procedure"). , terms”).

1.6          Each contract between the Buyer and the Seller is stored in the store.

2.            The protection of personal data is provided in the "Privacy Policy" section of the store.

3.            Buyer's Rights and Obligations (Applies to Category OUR PRODUCTS).

3.1          The Buyer has the right to purchase the goods in the online shop in the manner prescribed by these Rules and other information sections of this online store.

3.2          The Buyer has the right to refuse the purchase and sale contract with the Shop (see “Return”).

3.3          The Buyer undertakes to accept the ordered goods and pay for them at the agreed price.

3.4          If the information provided in the Buyer's registration form changes, the Buyer must immediately update them.

3.5          The Buyer undertakes not to pass on his login details to third parties. If the Buyer loses his login details, he must immediately inform the Seller by means of the means of communication indicated in the section “Contacts”.

3.6          The Buyer, using the online Store, agrees with these Purchase and Sale Rules and undertakes to comply with them and not violate the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

4.            Seller Rights and Obligations (Applies to Category OUR PRODUCTS).

4.1          The Seller undertakes to create all conditions for the Buyer to properly use the services provided by the online store.

4.2          If the Buyer attempts to compromise the stability and security of the Seller's shop or violates its obligations, the Seller shall have the right to immediately or without notice limit or suspend the Buyer's access to the store or, in exceptional cases, cancel the Buyer's registration.

4.3          The Seller undertakes to respect the Customer's privacy right to the Customer's personal information specified in the Store Registration Form (see “Privacy Policy”).

4.4          The Seller undertakes to deliver the goods ordered by the Buyer to the address indicated by the Buyer.

5.            Ordering of goods, prices, order of payment, terms (applies only tour OUR PRODUCTS).

5.1          the Buyer can buy in the online store twenty-four hours 7(seven) days a week.

5.2          The Contract shall commence from the moment the Buyer clicks on the "Confirm Order" button and the Seller confirms it upon receipt of the order - sends the confirmation letter to the e-mail specified by the Buyer.

5.3          The prices of the goods in the online shop and in the formed order are expressed in Euros, excluding VAT, because Dovanu muge is not a VAT payer.

5.4          The buyer pays for the goods in one of the following ways:

5.4.1      Banking is a prepayment (immediately after placing an order) using the banking system used by the Buyer. The money is transferred by the Buyer to the store's settlement account. Responsibility for data security rests with the bank in question in this case, as all monetary operations take place in the bank's banking system.

5.4.2      Bank transfer is a prepayment where the Buyer transfers the money to the shop's bank account after printing the order and going to the nearest bank branch.

5.5          The Buyer undertakes to pay for the goods immediately. It is only after receiving the payment for the goods that the shipment of the goods begins to form and the delivery time of the goods begins.

6.            Delivery of goods (only applies to OUR PRODUCTS).

6.1          At the time of ordering, the Buyer chooses to deliver the goods at the exact place of delivery.

6.2          The buyer undertakes to accept the goods himself. In the event that the Buyer himself cannot accept the goods and the goods have been delivered to the specified address, the Buyer shall not be entitled to claim to the Seller the delivery of the goods to the wrong entity.

6.3          The goods are delivered by the Seller or the authorized representative of the Seller (courier), and the goods can be sent by registered mail (depending on the delivery method chosen).

6.4          The Seller delivers the goods to the Buyer in accordance with the terms specified in the product descriptions. These terms are preliminary and are not applicable in cases where the Seller does not have the required goods and the Buyer is informed about the lack of ordered goods. At the same time, the Buyer agrees that in exceptional cases the delivery of goods may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the Seller's control. In this case, the Seller undertakes to contact the Buyer immediately and agree on the terms of delivery of the goods.

6.5          In all cases, the Seller shall be exempt from liability for the violation of the terms of delivery of the Goods, if the Goods are not delivered to the Buyer or submitted in due time due to the fault of the Buyer or due to circumstances beyond the Seller's control.

6.6          The Buyer must in all cases immediately inform the Seller if the shipment is in a packaged or otherwise damaged package, if the shipment contains unsolicited goods or inappropriate quantity thereof, incomplete supply of goods.

6.7          In all cases, the Buyer must, at the time of delivery, notice any damage to the package, or indicate a separate act for these violations in the delivery document provided by the courier. This must be done by the Buyer with the courier. Failure to perform such actions will cause the Seller to be released from liability to the Buyer for any damage to the goods related to the package violations that the Buyer has not identified in the courier delivery document.

7.            Product quality, warranties (only applies to OUR PRODUCTS).

7.1          The details of each item sold in the store are generally included in the description of each item (set of components) in each item.

7.2          The Seller is not responsible for the fact that the items in the store may not match the actual size, shapes and color of the goods due to the features of the display used by the Buyer in color, shape or other parameters.

8.            Return and replacement of goods (only applies to OUR PRODUCTS).

8.1          The defects of the sold goods are eliminated, the defective goods are replaced and returned in accordance with the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania. March 15 by Order no. 4-243 "Approval of Returns and Replacement Rules", approved by the Rules for Return and Replacement of Goods: http://www3.lrs.lt/pls/inter3/dokpaieska.showdoc_l?p_id=420479

8.2          In accordance with the rules, the Seller agrees to return the goods for the goods only if a rough broke is found. Handmade products can only be replaced by similar items, as each handmade product is unique.

8.3          You have 14 (fourteen) calendar days to return an item from the date you received it. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. Your item must be in the original packaging. Your item needs to have the receipt or proof of purchase.

8.4          Once we receive your item, we will inspect it and notify you that we have received your returned item. We will immediately notify you on the status of your refund after inspecting the item. If your return is approved, we will initiate a refund to your credit card (or original method of payment).You will receive the credit within a certain amount of days, depending on your card issuer's policies.

8.5          You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping

Costs are non refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund.

9.            Responsibility of Buyer and Seller (only applies to OUR PRODUCTS).

9.1          The Buyer is fully responsible for the correctness of the personal data provided by the Buyer. If the Buyer fails to provide accurate personal data in the registration form, the Seller shall not be liable for the resulting consequences and shall acquire the right to claim direct damages from the Buyer.

9.2          The buyer is responsible for the actions taken with this store.

9.3          The registered Buyer is responsible for transferring his / her login data to third parties. If the services provided by the store are used by a third party who has logged in to the store using the Buyer's login data, the Seller considers this person to be the Buyer.

9.4          The Seller shall be released from any liability in cases where the loss arises from the fact that the Buyer, irrespective of the Seller's recommendations and the Buyer's obligations, has not become acquainted with these Rules, even though such a possibility has been granted to him.

9.5          If there are links to the websites of other companies, institutions, organizations or individuals in the Seller's shop, the Seller is not responsible for the information or activities carried out there, does not supervise, control or represent these companies and individuals.

9.6          In case of damage, the guilty Party shall compensate the other Party for direct losses.

10.          Marketing and information.

10.1        The seller is free to initiate various promotions at the store.

10.2        The Seller has the right to unilaterally change the terms of the shares, as well as to cancel them, without notice. Any change or cancellation of the terms and conditions of the Shares is valid only forwards, i.e. since their completion

10.3        The Seller shall send all notifications by the means of communication indicated in the Buyer's registration form.

10.4        The Buyer shall send all notices and questions to the phones and e-mail addresses indicated in the Seller's Shop section "Contacts"

10.5        The Seller shall not be liable if the Buyer does not receive any information or confirmatory messages regarding the Internet connection, the network of e-mail service providers.

11.          Category GIFT IDEAS

11.1        We give you gift ideas and direct you to the seller's online store.

11.2        We provide guide prices and discounts.

11.3        Basic information and rules are in the seller's shop, so all responsibility goes to the seller.

11.4        We are not responsible for the goods purchased in another store, their quality, shipping, return, payment.

12.          Final Provisions.

12.1        The Rules for the Purchase and Sale of Goods are drawn up in accordance with the laws and legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

12.2        All disagreements arising from the implementation of these Rules shall be settled by negotiation. In case of failure to reach an agreement, disputes shall be settled in the manner prescribed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.